Testing curiosity

The fantasies that exist in her head are just that – fantasies. They may not reach fruition. Too many other factors come into play.

Like the senses. Touch and smell, vision and…taste. Those are missing from her fantasies.

She wonders about sparks. How do they work? Are they worth exploring?

In her experience they were usually one-sided…

Some of her senses are broken. Incomplete. Will they impact the others, heighten those that are still intact?

It’s frightening to consider finding out. But also compelling.

Waiting has ceased to be an option. Yet patience is a virtue. Not easily practiced after years of discontent.

There is only one way to find out.

But it’s not that simple.

Test the curiosity, he says.

How does one do that?

Fantasies are easier. Safer. They are also not real.

The lure is out there, pulling her out of her shackles.


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