Seductive selfies

She glanced at her reflection in the mirrored doors of her bedroom closet. Her black lace bra still fit after all these years, much to her amazement. So did the panties…

Taking a step back she admired her new boots. Well heeled, but not too high. Classy black leather, a small buckle at the ankle, long zippers. Not slutty.

Unless she wears them while naked. Or with just her bra and panties. Then they might become a part of a more provocative scenario.

This is what she was wearing that day. Bra, panties and boots, and nothing else.

She dressed this way intending to take some photos, maybe even a video clip. A short one, just long enough to tease and provoke.

But she wasn’t quite happy with her reflection in the mirror. Something didn’t fit the image in her head. The one she thought he had of her, that she wanted to emulate.

The one he mentioned, occasionally.

She tried to take a step back from the mirror to get a better look from further away, but the bed blocked her.

It’s too tight in this room to practice poses, she thought to herself as she contemplated a new location for her flirtatious little scheme.

The hallway outside of her bedroom would suit perfectly for filming the little clip. She could practice, first, with a few selfies. Maybe play around with some filters, too.

A step stool proved the perfect height to place her phone on. She adjusted the camera to selfie mode, and set the timer for ten seconds. That should be long enough to set up a pose that would highlight her assets, rather than focus on her flaws.


She knew some men, the good ones anyway, disliked women who considered their body parts as flaws. Especially all the curvy, alluring ones they’re so attracted to. The hills and valleys of the female form that seduce and arouse. Like her breasts, their protruding nipples, the way her waist indents before her hips expand…

She wondered if he would notice the hint of her emerging love handles.

Shaking her head as if to dismiss the negativity that way, she placed her phone on the step stool. She looked fine. This was just another exercise in self-love, the propulsion behind her incessant selfie taking lately.

How could anyone like her if she didn’t like herself first?

The phone was in place now. She pressed the button on her camera and stepped back. Focusing on her stylish boots, she struck a timid pose. She repeated the scene a few more times, until she had several selfies ready for analysis.

Kneeling down on the cold, tiled floor, she picked up her phone and scrolled through the images.


She didn’t like the way she looked at that angle. Maybe if she placed the camera on the lower rank of the step stool?

She set up the phone again.

The sound of the camera clicking each time it snapped a new photo unnerved her a little. Maybe she should just turn the sound off, so she can focus on posing instead of worrying when the click came.


The photos weren’t turning out quite as she had imagined.

But after a while, she started to keep the pictures. Perhaps it was time to accept herself as she looked right now, rather than try to improve her body superficially with filters and other camera features.

This is what she looked like. She wasn’t overweight despite a few extra pounds acquired over the colder months. Her body was symmetrical relative to her height. Perhaps not as toned as in her pre-baby making days, but that is a work in progress. She was healthy, that was the most important thing.

Kneeling once again in front of the step, she started cropping out parts of the background. Changing the filter from color to black-and-white seemed to soften her contours a bit. She liked how this particular filter augmented the erotic nature of the shot.

Why must it be so difficult to like myself, she thought as she modified other photos with similar filters. She wondered what he would think of them, if she had the courage to send him a sample or two.

After snapping several dozen selfies, deleting most, and ultimately keeping about ten, she finally felt bold enough to film herself in her semi-clad state.

Setting up the camera to film was just as easy as taking selfies. Once the camera was set up, she moved back a few steps and waited for the timer sound to indicate filming at begun.

She didn’t pose much while the camera was filming. The aim here was to look at herself in candid fashion, as she would appear to someone who was aroused by her appearance. She really wanted to see what she looked like on film.

The first clip, about 15 seconds long, was acceptable she thought. She looked natural, and the angle the clip was shot at, from below upwards, accentuated her features in a flattering way.

She did a second clip for comparison purposes, and then a third. For the last one, she spun around in a complete circle so she could observe her backside.

Neither of those second tries made it past her imperious approval.

Going back to the first clip, she watched it several more times before deciding to keep it.

This is it, she decided. This is how I look, and this is how I am.

The proverbial door was ajar, and she was inching over the threshold.

4 thoughts on “Seductive selfies

      1. I hate taking selfies because I feel so fake, but sometimes you just need a certain picture and the good thing is you can keep taking the shot until you are satisfied and then delete the rest. 💕😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s an exercise in self-love (for me). For instance, right now I feel very pms-ish, and that makes me feel unattractive. So I force myself to take some selfies to reassure myself that if I don’t like myself, how can anyone else? It doesn’t always work, but I learned to make it a habit of sort, to keep me from getting into a funk. Does this make sense?


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