Seductive exposure (part 4)


The continuation of Seductive Exposure (part 1) (part 2) and (part 3).


He finally got his wish, I thought.

I turned around for him.

I could feel his eyes on me, from several feet away. Scanning me. Looking, but not touching.

My behind, bare and curvy, within reach of his touch.

I knew he could barely contain himself. How many times had he told me he wanted me like this? Nude and exposed from behind?

Flipping my hair to one side, and bending over slightly by placing my hands on the foot of his bed, I turned my head to look at him.

It won’t be long before he jumps me…I realized at that moment.

He’s a little obsessed with my ass. We’ve been talking, for some time, about the selfies I take for him. It took me a while until I felt comfortable enough to show him the shots from behind.

I had to apply some clever maneuvering with my phone, and its timer, to get the angle just right.

There were many I deleted. But some, eventually, turned out. Enough so that I was able to keep them and look at them, occasionally. To get comfortable with my body.

To stop seeing the flaws and start seeing the allure.

He liked them. He freely admitted to his own arousal, and his inevitable release. This pleased me, knowing I could turn on a man in this way. With just a picture.

But now, I was present, in his bedroom, in person.

In the flesh. Literally.

He finally got what he yearned for. Or, he will, when he reaches for me.

My hair reached just above my breasts, not covering them completely. With my head turned to face him, but my back and ass still in his line of vision, I watched his reaction.

He had stepped closer, taking in all of me with his eyes. I could tell he wanted to touch me. And lick me, probably. I knew this; he’d said so many times.

I wanted him to.

By now, the sexual tension between us was thick and heavy.

But, facing away from him wasn’t how I imaged my first time in bed with him. It felt risky, having him do all the things behind my back, where I couldn’t see his face, watch his expressions.

I almost turned around to face him again at that point.

Too far out of my comfort zone, I thought. I don’t really know him that well.

Maybe he sensed it, my discomfort. I have always struggled with recurring inhibitions. And he’d discovered this about me recently.

That was probably the reason he hadn’t lunged at me yet.

He was closer now, directly behind me. I stood up and faced the wall on the far side of his bed by looking straight ahead.

I felt him push his body up against my back.

I remember biting my lip and closing my eyes.

Touch me, I yearned silently.

Be gentle, I hoped secretly.

This wasn’t the time for carnal impulses. Not yet, anyway.

His body, fully clothed still, pressed against me. I could feel his bulge against my butt, not invasively, but provocatively.

He reached his arms around me, fingers touching my nipples, hands exploring and cupping my breasts.

I could feel his breath on the nape of my neck.

Closing my eyes, I leaned into him. I placed my own hands on top of his as he explored the curves of my body.

I felt myself relax. This was nice. Slow.


His lips started kissing along my neck, his tongue licking and tasting my skin.

I reacted with goosebumps.

Shivering slightly from anticipation, I turned my face to meet him.

He leaned in to kiss me and I turned my body toward him as I opened my mouth to invite him in.

Exploration starts on top.

Like this, I thought.

I put my arms around his neck while his hands slid down along my waist and my hips.

Inevitably, he started to touch the hills and valleys of the part of my body he had longed for, all this time.

He started to caress my ass.

To be continued…

5 thoughts on “Seductive exposure (part 4)

  1. As a Sapiosexual and a bit of a logophile, your words were rather arousing. I imagined myself as the woman and the my Dom as the man. Surely this must be like how he will tease me the first time he fucks me.

    Liked by 1 person

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