Her mischievous plan

“I will see you in a bit,” he said.

“Stay like this,” he added with a twinkle in his eye.

I rolled over to my side and looked it him.

“You mean naked?” I asked, feigning shock. I was still in bed with no concrete plans to get up and go anywhere any time soon.

“Yes,” he responded by glancing up and down the very curves he devoured earlier. And most of the night. “No reason to hide behind cloth.”

And with that, he left. This was, after all, a business trip for him, and he had a full itinerary to uphold. Whereas I was just there for the companionship. Or the sex, be that as it may.

I didn’t mind that he was leaving for a bit. Not really. I had some ideas about what I was going to do today, which included a shower, a nap, and maybe some room service. I was hoping to get into some writing, as well. Perfect opportunity to take advantage of the solitude and quiet in this hotel room, a feat which was much harder to come by back home.

I rolled back onto my stomach and picked up my phone.

Maybe I’ll snap a provocative picture or two, just for fun, I thought to myself.

Maybe I’ll send them to him, as punishment for leaving me, I added as a mischievous afterthought. Show him what he’s missing while schmoozing with golfers.

A wicked plan started developing in my head. One of teasing, and distracting. And tormenting.

Inside my head though, I heard his words from before, where he had stated matter-of-factly that he’s quite capable of controlling himself at work.

We’ll see, I thought, smiling. There wasn’t much self-control last night…

With that in mind I propped up a pillow next to me and set up my phone with the timer activated.

Then I struck a pose.

After a few takes, I checked the pictures, cropped and adjusted some filters, and saved the ones I liked in a secret folder.

Satisfied, I went into the shower.

Emerging freshly scrubbed, and completely shaved, I applied lotion to my body and then fixed my hair. Looking in the mirror, I decided minimal make-up would be appropriate so as not to scare the staff when they deliver my food, which I was about to order.

Next, I defied his wish to remain naked and put on a tiny, clingy nightgown. The type that Marylin Monroe used to wear. The type that comes with an equally tiny, clingy robe.

Um, maybe not the robe, I decided, and left it in the suitcase.

I took my phone, looked up the menu on the hotel website, and placed my order.

While I waited for my lunch to be delivered, I got my laptop set up and forced my brain to change gears: it was time to focus a little on work.

This book isn’t going to write itself, I chided myself.

There was a little table on the balcony which was the perfect location to spend the afternoon writing. It’s outdoors but in a shady spot with a gorgeous view of blue skies and blue ocean.

A knock on the door startled me out of my reveries. A young man, probably in his early 20s, stood in the hall with a tray and stared at me when I opened the door.

I saw his eyes glance down past the spaghetti straps of my little gown, which barely contained my breasts. His analytical gaze caused a reaction in my body that felt both a little shameful as well as exhilarating. I felt my nipples harden as he looked me over.

I tried to sort my emotions by justifying, as one does: we’re both adults here, he’s just looking, I’m not exactly naked…

So what if he’s half my age, I assured myself. It’s flattering that a young man can admire a woman’s body who is twice his age, isn’t it?

Based on his expression however, I presumed he was a little flustered. Or, more likely, aroused.

Most probably aroused, I decided by looking him over.

I refrained from looking at his crotch. Didn’t want to embarrass the poor guy, was my thinking. But I did smile to myself a little.

Feeling smug at my ability to turn on a man much younger than me I motioned for him to come inside and put the tray down on the desk opposite the bed.

While he did that I went to my wallet and dug out a tip for him.

With money in hand I spun around which caused him embarrassment for being caught looking at me. Was he checking out my ass? I briefly wondered how much he saw given how short my nightgown was…

His embarrassment was more endearing than arousing to me given the age difference between us. So to navigate this situation, I decided to give him an extra generous tip.

I dug out another couple of bills and handed them to him.

“For your trouble,” I said and opened the door for him.

He stared at the hefty tip and didn’t move from his spot.

This gave me an idea.

“Listen, can you do me a favor?” I asked him and closed the door again. He looked up from his money and into my eyes.

“Um,” he responded, not sure what plans this woman in front of him had, given she was literally half naked.

“It’s nothing bad, don’t worry,” I reassured him. “I want you to help take a picture of me, for my companion. Would you mind? He’s working and he probably wishes he wasn’t…it’ll be a surprise.”

The man in front of me stared at me. His look told me he had all kinds of incredulous ideas pouring through his brain cells.

“I’ll keep my nightgown on,” I told him to calm his worries. “And I promise I won’t tell anyone it was you who took it. I don’t want to get you into any trouble.”

I could tell he was warming up to the idea. Inspired at the prospect of teasing my golfing guy, I continued with my persuasion.

“How about I add to your tip?” I suggested. “You know, for the extra trouble you’re going to?”

He finally spoke.

“That won’t be necessary, ma’am,” he said. “You already gave me a generous trip.”

He called me ma’am, I thought. He does realize that I’m quite a bit older than him. But he’s maintaining a professional stance despite the implied nudity.

Interestingly, though, I didn’t mind being called ma’am this time.

“Ok,” I told him. “Thank you. Come here, I’ll show you want I want to do.”

I walked over to the bed and positioned myself into a kneeling position on top of the bed, facing him. He stood about a foot away from the bed and stared at me.

“I’m going to open my legs slightly, and lean over a bit,” I told him. “I want to tease, not provoke a full-on sex show. Do you understand?”

The man nodded but turned another shade of red. I took pity on him and decided to give him an out.

“You don’t have to, it’s just a suggestion,” I told him, and kept my knees pressed together. It was obvious that he saw earlier, when I was turned away from him, I wasn’t wearing any panties. No need to give the poor guy a heart attack.

But then, he spoke again.

“I’ll be glad to take your picture,” he said and held out his hand. “What kind of a phone do you have?”

I set up the camera on my phone so that all he had to do was hold it up, and press the button. Last thing I wanted was for him to scroll around, or swipe left and right.

“Here,” I said. “Give me a minute while I adjust my position.”

The man took my phone and set up his frame of me. I, in the meantime, spread my legs slightly and leaned over a bit. I had taken selfies in this position before, so I knew he wouldn’t be able to see much below my short skirt spanning over my spread legs, but I also knew my breasts would spill out a bit, maybe even expose a nipple.

Who knows how experienced this guy is, I pondered while I looked up and smiled at him.

“Go ahead,” I announced when I was ready. “Take the shot.”

He snapped a few pictures and handed my phone back to me. I looked at the images, and then turned the phone around to show him.

“What do you think?” I asked him.

“Um,” he said again.

After a pause, he continued.

“I think he’ll really like these pictures,” he added. “Do you have any other poses in mind?”

Well look who suddenly found his confidence, I smiled to myself, but shook my head.

“Not right now,” I replied. “But thank you. I appreciate your help.”

Pushing my knees back together, I looked at him. He smiled at me and recognized that our sneaky, clandestine session was over.

“Thank you very much, ma’am,” he said again as he made his way to the door. “My name is Steve, by the way. If you need any more help, just ask for me.”

Of course he wants to help me out again, I thought and smiled at him.

“Thanks, Steve,” I responded. Then I placed my fingers at my mouth.

“Shhh,” I said. “This is our little secret.”

After he left, I took my phone and looked at the pictures again; the ones I took earlier by myself, and the ones the young man took just now.

This is going to be fun, I chuckled to myself as I sat down to eat my food and plan my next move.

I wondered what was happening out on the golf course right now. And, I wondered how to get his attention if he doesn’t look at his phone while on the golf course.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, I thought to myself and pondered my possibilities.

Continued here: Her mischievous plan continued

* * *

addendum – When I was in my 20s I was on a solo trip to Portugal (part business) and spent quite some time decompressing in a hotel room. A young man similar to the one I described in this story delivered my morning coffee to my hotel room every day. He was my inspiration for this story, but that’s where the similarities end. There was no boyfriend, no clandestine affair, no illicit behavior with the hotel staff. There were no smartphones at the time. This is a work of fiction.

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