Longing for orgasmic release

Tossing and turning isn’t going to help me get some rest, Alexandra thought as she rolled around on the big futon, trying to stay underneath the warmth of the electric blanket.

It was cold in the room, but warm in the bed. Her skin tingled. She kept thinking about him, how they left it last time they were together. How the pull to join, with lips and pussy and cock, had increased in strength and intensity.

No amount of distance has erased him from her memory.

She tried not to think of the dalliances he had with other women, the ones he must be hooking up with to satisfy his hunger for wet pussy.

Imagining him lying between the legs of those women only increased her arousal now. This pissed her off – the other women were irrelevant to her. They didn’t even have a face.

Alexandra rolled over onto her back and reached for her phone. Tumblr will have some sexy gifs to help her release that pent-up energy between her legs.

Slowly, she started scrolling, first past all the sloppy blowjobs, then past the anal and DPs. This isn’t what interested her, no matter what his preferences were.

She knew what he liked. He told her. But tonight wasn’t about him. He wasn’t here. She needed to focus on her needs.

Her elusive release.

What she wanted, what she desired tonight, was a tongue between her lips. His tongue.

Finally she saw a selection of black and white pussy licking in her app. Not the graphic eating out, but the slow, sensual taste and tease. The classy, erotic imagery, with or without motion, appealed to her more than the porn-y, splayed open desperation of some of the women in that app.

A few of the gifs were very intriguing. It didn’t even bother her that there were several posts where men fingered women to orgasmic squirting.

She was not familiar with that sort of bliss. Alexandra watched these clips a few times trying to understand the depth of those women’s orgasms.

Her fingers went to her own clit and she started stroking, slowly, slightly to the left, and hoped for a quick release.

Alexandra was tired and really wanted to get a good night’s rest.

But it wasn’t working. Her fingers, light and teasing, felt pleasant and sweet, but not satisfying.

She tried inserting first one, then two fingers, and lifted herself up to reach deep. That g-spot was tricky to find, and today, Alexandra wasn’t having much luck. It wasn’t working.

Fine, I’ll read a story, maybe an orgasm-denial one, she told herself as she closed the tumblr app and switched to literotica.

There were a lot of stories in there with the denial tag, but most weren’t very well written.

Still, with a bit of patience, she may find one that appealed to her.

She scrolled and started reading, keeping her right hand on her pussy. But she still couldn’t reach the rolling wave.

Frustrated, Alexandra placed her phone beside her on her pillow, and rolled to her side. On the floor next to the futon she had placed a fully-charged vibe. She removed it from the box and turned it on.

Maybe this will work, she thought and snuggled back underneath the blanket. It was important to keep the buzzing muffled, so as not to wake up others sleeping in adjoining rooms.

Alexandra slid the vibe, a slender, purple dildo, along her moisture and located the spot right next to her clit that she knew was the most sensitive part of her pussy. Then, she resumed reading.

The Master of the submissive in the literotica story wasn’t rough or detached, but rather loving and appreciative. The submissive girl allowed herself to be used by him in whatever capacity he wished, and he enjoyed her moans and protests as he edged her for hours.

As Alexandra was reading, she felt things clenching and twitching down below. A small roll of a wave was beginning to form…but somehow, it still wasn’t enough.

Why was she having so much trouble to orgasm? The girl in the story was finally allowed to come, but Alexandra found herself plateaued.

After an hour and 15 minutes, she quit.

It wasn’t meant to be, she realized, and turned onto her belly to sleep with her pillow.

Maybe she could start dreaming about his hands caressing her naked form to help her fall asleep.

Or maybe dreaming about his tongue between her lips will soothe her to sleep.

Alexandra closed her eyes feeling frustrated and tense.

Maybe tomorrow will bring her new opportunities.

To be continued here.

More about Alexandra and Andrew here.

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