The intricate complications of friends with(out) benefits

A stand-alone piece that’s connected to Longing for orgasmic release using the same two characters: Alexandra and Andrew. Pondering their platonic friendship and the possibilities of a friends with benefits relationship.


“What would happen if we kissed?”

Andrew stated the question bluntly, without preliminary chitchat. This is how it’s been with him since the beginning, Alexandra thought. The demand for truth and full disclosure in all their conversations. He had always insisted that if she wanted to know something, to ask him directly.

She stared at him. The sexual tension continued to make its presence known, but other than a few virtual boundaries, they hadn’t crossed the lines in real life. Theirs was a platonic friendship, at least for now.

Or was it? 

What if they did kiss? What would happen?

“You mean now, or later?” Alexandra asked innocently. She smiled inwardly, pleased he was voicing out loud what she knew they were both thinking.

Andrew’s response was, as usual, curt and to the point.


Alexandra tried to read his face. Standing there in front of her, a few feet apart as is standard protocol these days, she absorbed his presence. His demeanor did something to her, something unfamiliar yet welcoming.

There had been talk of exploring an alternate relationship, one that reached beyond platonic friendship, but without the inconveniences of the romantic partnerships they both tired of in recent years. Was this the beginning, the first step in that direction?

Alexandra looked at her friend and pondered his question.

“Well, now,” she began, emphasizing the word now. “I would kiss you back.”

Alexandra flashed him a sly smile, and paused for effect.

“And later,” she continued. “The memory of that kiss will probably help me to tip over.”

She stated her truth quickly and forcefully, reminding him of just how challenging it’s been for her to find sexual relief.

It wasn’t that long ago when they talked about their recent sexual experiences, educating each other of the gender differences in perspective and practice. He had told her about a recent experience resulting in the sort of bliss Alexandra was completely unaccustomed to, and she admitted some glimpses of her own implied sexual short-comings. Mostly those of her own hand.

Briefly her inability to climax the other night popped into her head. Why was she so verklempt? And why in god’s name did she mention that to him?

‘You deserve a good explosion’, he had responded to that. She agreed but didn’t say anything.

She thought of how their relationship flourished each time they dropped their filters and simply admitted the thoughts that popped into their heads. Honesty and truth is how it worked best for them.

But, she had to be careful. Would this kind of honesty with a man, a heterosexual sexually active man, lead to the eventual demise of their friendship should they cross more boundaries and become lovers?

Still, curiosity prevailed. Would he be able to help her release in the way she yearned? It’s a question she asked herself often, but didn’t dare to pursue or solicit.

Alexandra pulled herself out of her dream world back into the present tense. She stared at her friend intensely, the way she did when she was at a loss of words.

How did Andrew react when she mentioned tipping over while reminiscing over their hypothetical kiss? Would it push him over his proverbial wall into temptation which he’d been able to resist with her for so long?

Will he kiss her, finally, after all this time?

But Andrew remained rigid and quiet. She thought she saw a small twitch in his eyes when she made that tipping over comment, but maybe she imagined it.

Then, his eye shifted the way they usually do when they were together, which reaffirmed what she already knew, had always known. Their attraction was undeniable.

She watched him glance her over, from her long hair and her face down the curves of her upper body, along the indent of her lower back and past the rounded part of her ass. She wore tight black jeans today and a cute top which was cut short, stopping just past her waist. This allowed his eyes access to her butt. She knew he was going to admire her backside every time she turned around.

Typically she preferred looser, longer clothing, but not when she was with Andrew. With him, she tended to feel erotic and sensual, their sexual tension ever present. She purposely wore more revealing clothes for him. Jeans that hugged her body, tops cropped short and not covering her behind.

Strange, the effect he had on her, Alexandra thought, watching him watch her. Finally, Andrew looked away. The moment had passed.

Alexandra knew he struggled with temptation, and she didn’t want to risk their friendship in the name of a cheap roll in the hay. For her, their erotic energy was a reminder that she was, still is, a sexual creature with needs and desires, something she thought had dissipated along with her youth. But Andrew re-awoke something in her, and she reveled in letting her body feel, and react, to the intricate, arousing effects he had on her.

“Let’s take that drive,” she heard Andrew speak, pulling her out of her reveries. They were supposed to be heading to a small town to check out some properties.

Andrew held the door open for her to enter his car, so she climbed in, took a deep breath, and cleared her mind of all those distracting thoughts. She was going to enjoy their outing today, and live in the moment.

With that, she shut the door of his car, snapped her seat belt in place, and they were on their way.

To be continued here.

More about Alexandra and Andrew here.

15 thoughts on “The intricate complications of friends with(out) benefits

  1. There is something to be said for two people flirting and teasing each other mercilessly with actually doing anything together. It is fun and restores some faith in your own desirability without risking everything. But it only works if the understanding is mutual.

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