A cabin of opportunities and benefits

This is the continuing story of Alexandra and Andrew, two platonic friends succumbing to curiosity, desire and sexual tension. In the previous chapter (part 2) they were planning a day trip to explore some properties for a future project of Andrew’s. Before that (part 1) Alexandra fantasized about a sexual experience with her friend which led to a frustrating night without relief.

* * *

The cabin looked inviting with its big stone fireplace and the huge framed windows. But it was the scenery through the windows that enhanced the seductive atmosphere; nothing but trees and water.

“There’s a lot of privacy here,” Andrew said, reading Alexandra’s mind. Quickly, she turned to give him a sly smile.

“Sure is,” she agreed before turning her attention back to the window.

They were standing in the living room of a three bedroom cabin; Alexandra by the window and Andrew leaning against a wall near the doorway leading to a small galley-type kitchen. Mesmerized by the tranquility, Alexandra stood very still despite being keenly aware that Andrew had a full view or her behind. She could feel his eyes scanning her profile.

Let him look, she thought, wondering how long it would take for him to cave in to the temptation she knew had plagued him for some time.

Biting her lip, she stayed where she was and waited. Would he come over and wrap his arms around her? Would he squeeze her against his body, his chest against her back, his crotch into her ass?

After a while, she realized she might benefit from a change of clothes. Earlier, while they were looking at some properties for a project he was contemplating, it started to snow and then turned to freezing rain. Both of their coats were soaking wet by the time they finished wandering the property, as were their boots. Even her jeans had wet spots along her upper thighs and knees. Shivering at the memory, Alexandra hugged herself and longed for a hot shower.

“I was thinking we could wash and dry our clothes,” Andrew said into the silence as he approached her. “Tony installed a washer and dryer in the garage.”

Alexandra turned to look at Andrew as he approached her. She knew Tony was his cousin, a family member he’d mentioned once or twice before.

“There are clean robes in the bedroom closets, I checked,” he continued, looking at her.

“So I guess we’re spending the night here?” Alexandra asked needlessly. She kind of anticipated it with the weather getting worse with every passing hour. They had realized this earlier when they finished looking at the second property and managed to escape into a coffee shop when the snow started falling more rapidly. Andrew recalled that Tony had a cabin near this town which he listed for rent on an AirBnB site, so he quickly called him to ask if he had any availability for tonight.

They were at least two hours from home, but with the snow and ice, it would take them twice as long to drive back into the city.

Tony graciously offered his cabin for them to spend the night in, and after a few basic instructions and directions to a secret location for the key, they drove the twenty five minutes it took to get to the cabin.

It nice to be indoors and warm, Alexandra was thinking, despite the wet jeans clinging to her legs.

At the mention of robes, Alexandra had a sudden vision of a bubble bath.

“So we are sleeping here tonight,” she repeated and turned around to face Andrew. He was arms length away from her reach, close enough to touch him. How nice would it feel to be warmed up by a hug right about now, she pondered while fighting the urge to reach for him.

“Yes. No point in driving back to the city now. Let me show you the rooms,” Andrew responded. “I used to come here with the kids when I was still married, so I know my way around.”

He took her cool hand into his warm one and opened his eyes in surprise. “You’re cold,” he stated, caressing her hand with his. “I’ll start a fire in a minute and make us some tea.”

Alexandra smile and relished his hand touching hers. Her kinky mind immediately started to dream up all sorts of possibilities he could perform with his hands on her body. What if she let him touch her? She chewed her lips as they walked slowly toward the first bedroom, fantasizing what it would feel like if he did in fact touch her right now.

At the entrance of the first bedroom, Andrew let go of her hand and opened the door. They stepped inside a decent sized room with a fireplace and an ensuite bathroom. Alexandra’s eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw it.

“This is really luxurious,” she said as she looked at the giant, king size bed and the cozy little fireplace adjacent to it. There was yet another picture window in the room, displaying a flurry of big, fat snowflakes falling from the sky.

“This is Tony and Amanda’s bedroom,” Andrew explained. “Amanda has particular taste, and although Tony likes this sort of comfort, at the time they build this place he wasn’t thrilled with the expected display of affluence.”

“Do they come up here a lot now?” Alexandra wanted to know.

“No,” Andrew responded. “That’s why it’s featured on the AirBnB site. They don’t have time or the desire to be far away from their social life. Or, Amanda doesn’t. She has other needs now…”

Andrew trailed off, walked over to the bathroom and opened the door.

“There’s a claw foot bathtub in here,” he said, pointing to it. “Looks inviting, doesn’t it.”

Andrew smiled at Alexandra and she smiled back at him.

This is going to be an interesting night, she thought as she walked toward him to check out the tub.

While she looked around the bathroom, Andrew suddenly closed the door and leaned against it. Reaching for Alexandra’s hand once again, he pulled her closer toward him, stopping short of hugging her.

“You can have this room if you like,” he said, brushing her long hair off her shoulders and placing it behind her back. “I’ll make a fire here, too, so you won’t be cold.”

Alexandra stared at him and didn’t say anything. Neither moved for a while, content to simply look into each other’s eyes.

Andrew reached for Alexandra’s hair once more, played with it for a bit. Then, he placed his hands on her shoulders and spun her around slowly so she had her back against the door.

“Are we doing this, finally,” he asked her quietly, leaning in to kiss her.

Alexandra had been dreaming of his kiss for so long, she was almost shocked the moment had finally arrived. She felt the habitual hesitation she normally encountered in similar circumstances which she attributed to her history of dysfunctional relationships with men. But Andrew was different, she knew. And more patient than all the men she’d known in her past put together.

It’s Andrew, she silently reminded herself as she met his look just inches away from her face and tried to relax.

The touch of his lips set off a pulsing between her legs that made her press her back against the wall to steady herself. His kiss was soft, and sweet, not aggressive or urgent.

She heard a moan escape her mouth which caused her to open her eyes. Did she make that sound?

Andrew pulled off her lips for a moment to watch her face before resuming their kiss. Alexandra closed her eyes again and let him taste her, savouring his exploration of her mouth with his tongue.

Reaching for his hips, she pulled him closer to her body, keenly aware of the bulge in his pants. She clutched at his arms as he pinned her to the wall, responding to his every move.

She startled herself at her sense of urgency to feel more of him, all of him.

Andrew meanwhile let his hands wander. He stroked her neck and traced her body with his hands and the tips of his fingers. She could feel her nipples harden against her sports bra and briefly berated herself for not having picked the black lace set she knew he liked her in. At least, that’s what he said when she sent him seductive selfies…

Alexandra pushed those thoughts aside and concentrated on how his fingers felt as he traced her breasts. She emitted yet another moan which startled her again. He’s driving me crazy, she admitted to herself while allowing him to explore at will. She could sense his hunger and realized, her own matched his as well.

Their need to satisfy each other was mutual and pressing.

As Andrew licked and kissed her neck and face, Alexandra placed the palms of her hands against the wall behind her. She would let him do whatever he wanted, she knew, and forced herself to drop all of her usual inhibitions. This feels good, she told herself. Allow yourself to enjoy the sensations.

Alexandra’s fear of physical intimacy diminished as Andrew explored her body further. It didn’t take long for him to unzip her jeans. Swiftly, he managed to pull them open and off her ass slightly so he could gain access into her panties.

But then, just for a moment, he stopped, leaned back a bit and looked at her again. Alexandra took a breath in and stared back at him. The way he was watching her face reminded her of a conversation they shared recently, about how he viewed sex now compared to how he did when he was younger.

“It’s more than just fleshy friction to me,” he had said. “Sex should be creative, emotional, spiritual… there needs to be a connection. Sex is a visual art.”

“And I don’t mean porn,” he had added unnecessarily. She knew what he meant, or at least she thought she did at the time.

Does he consider me visual art now, she wondered and reached for him to kiss her again. Andrew was more than happy to oblige and while they explored with mouths and tongues, she felt his hand slip deeper inside her panties.

Seeking and finding her wetness, he began to play.

Alexandra sighed out loud when he first touched her pussy lips. She felt like a faucet, leaking and soaking through her panties. She could feel herself make more noises, unfamiliar and foreign to her. How is it other men hadn’t managed to make her moan like Andrew does?

He looked at her while he played, staring into her eyes. She parted her legs slightly, as far as her jeans would let her, and Andrew took that as an invitation. Gently he spread her moisture around, caressing her clit and circling it with his fingers while making eye contact the entire time. Alexandra felt her breathing increase, and she moved her legs apart a little further. She needed relief from that ache between her legs and urged him silently to enter her.

But Andrew took his time. He watched her face as he tormented her with his fingers, probing and fondling her private parts with skill and expertise.

To be continued here.

More about Alexandra and Andrew here.

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