Sleepless (part 1)

Samantha tossed and turned for most of the night.

Her skin felt flushed and prickly from the humidity even though she took a cool, soothing shower before bed.

To distract herself, she looked at the sky through a crack in the blinds. It was late; the pale light from the moon implied a time for stillness and slumber.

Samantha tried to fall asleep again. She turned this way and that, moved pillows into different locations, and pulled her hair up into a messy ponytail on top of her head. Still, sleep remained elusive.

Maybe I should just get up, she contemplated before deciding to kick the bed-sheet off her body. Satisfied with her overt nudity exposed to the cool air of the air conditioning, she laid back down into her pillows.

She always went to bed naked; there was something very sensual about the softness of the bed-sheet and how it slid off her body each time she moved.

Samantha understood that nudity was expected here. She no longer had a choice; she gave this up willingly and with consent any time she was invited to sleep in this bed. Back at home, perhaps out of a newly formed habit, she chose to sleep the same.

But tonight, she wasn’t home. With the sheet gone and her body uncovered, Samantha tuned in to the cool air blowing up from the vent in the floor below the window. She could feel it float toward her naked skin and caress her curves. Would this help calm her and let her sleep? She closed her eyes and concentrated on her senses.

It didn’t seem to be working. Instead of calm, she felt something else. Something… distracting.

The cool air made her skin tingle and her nipples harden.

Samantha touched her breasts with the palms of her hands which swiftly incited a new source of heat; one from deep within her core.

Slowly, she touched the tip of her finger to the tip of her little budding erection on her left breast, circling her nipple several times. Then she switched and played with the right one.

Sighing, Samantha began to fantasize in tandem with the telltale signs of arousal emerging between her legs.

She bit her lip and stopped her hands from roaming south; should she risk it, dare to dip a finger into her slickness?

Wavering between hesitation and trepidation, she remembered the rules. Here, in this house, she was not allowed to touch herself there without permission.

Samantha closed her eyes and resumed the playful games with her nipples. That, she knew, was tolerated.

Hoping to fondle herself to sleep, she closed her eyes.

Suddenly, a seismic shift from the other side of the bed roused her back into wakefulness. She turned her head to the left and saw that Cesar had turned over. He was now facing her.

Samantha stared at him; was he awake? It appeared he still had his his eyes closed.

He’s still sleeping, she thought and turned herself sideways as well, facing away from him. Maybe he’ll spoon me, she hoped silently.

When nothing happened, Samantha emitted a quiet sigh and resumed playing with her nipple. She tested the weight of her breast in her hand, squeezing and rolling the flesh the same way Cesar had done before.

She was not large. Her breasts were medium in size, but there was enough jiggle when he fucked her in missionary to appease his sight and cock.

Visual art, he called it.

The memory of his impalement did the exact opposite of relaxing her fatigued body. Samantha turned onto her back again, then onto the other side, trying to find a comfortable enough position to submerge herself into much needed sleep.

But sleep would not come.

She began to fret. Will all this tossing and turning piss off her lover? She felt like a beached whale flopping around aimlessly.

Samantha took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly. She must either fall asleep immediately, or get up and leave this bed.

Just as she began to slumber a little, she realized Cesar had moved again. He sat upright and stared toward the door at the end of the room. Then, he swung his legs over the edge and got out of bed. Samantha watched his naked body leave through the doorway without closing the door.

She sighed again and forced her racing mind to calm down.

There are enough bedrooms here where he can rest, she reassured herself. Is this where he was going? To another bed? To sleep without her? Because she was so fidgety?

Tomorrow, I will make it up to him, she consoled herself. Maybe she’ll ask him to fuck her face again, something he’d been hesitant to try but she was anxious to learn.

“When you’re ready,” he promised her that time in the shower when she pleaded with him to take her that way. “I don’t want to hurt you… you’re not there yet” he told her while observing her sucking skills from above.

“But you will be,” he added with a smirk.

Samantha sighed again and spread open her arms and legs. She had the entire king-sized bed to herself now; would sleep finally arrive?

She closed her eyes and hoped for slumber before the sun came up.

Time passed slowly. Samantha relaxed her body and focused on her mind. She needed to turn off all those wicket thoughts. With Cesar gone, she had nothing else left to do except hope that morning would arrive soon.

After a while, she felt something touch her leg. Raising her head slightly, she looked toward the foot of the bed.

Cesar was kneeling on the floor between her open legs, tying rope around her left ankle. He then tied the rope to the leg of the bed at the corner and secured it with a special knot. Samantha wiggled her leg a bit and realized she had about an inch of movement, not more. Silently, she watched him tie her other ankle the same way.

Cesar didn’t speak. When he got up she could see his cock firming. Licking her lips, she was again reminded of promises made in the shower that other day.

But Cesar ignored her. And, astoundingly, he seemed oblivious to his swelling erection.

I’m sure he’s aware, he’s just pretending he’s not, Samantha thought as she watched him approach the right side of the bed. Without speaking, he took her arm and tied rope to her wrist the same way he did to her ankles and fastened the end piece to the top of the bed railing, leaving her arm raised above her head.

Next, Cesar leaned over her which allowed Samantha to inhale his musky male scent, and reached for her other arm. He tied her left wrist next to her right one, leaving her with both arms suspended above her head at a slight angle.

Samantha noticed he tied her arms much looser than her legs. She was able to move around a little; she did not find this position uncomfortable. But, she was also keenly aware that she did not have enough movement to touch any part of her own body.

Samantha turned her attention to breathing in a steady, rhythmic pace. She was not unfamiliar with bondage, although she had never been tied up at night time, in bed, when she was supposed to be asleep. But this little rope adventure confused her; did he want sex now? While she was tied up? In the middle of the night?

She stared at him, willing him to make eye-contact with her.

Cesar however had other plans.

Samantha watched him move away from her toward the foot of the bed. He fixed his sights on her splayed-open pussy making her feel embarrassed and ashamed. Who displays their womanly bits so audaciously to a man? Slightly alarmed but still silent, Samantha began to struggle against her bonds.

She did not dare speak, or worse, ask questions. Cesar disliked chitchat when he was sexually engaged with her body in some way. She knew this and needed to trust him.

Whatever he’s going to do, he will without warning or disclosure, she reminded herself. She knew one thing: Cesar was a skilled and dominant lover who tolerated little deviance to his sexual plans.

“No inhibitions, no shyness,” he said at the beginning of their kinky journey. “I will earn your trust and then, after consent is given, you will obey me, or use your safeword.”

Samantha cautiously agreed. She gained his trust and, over time, came to understand his methodological approach to kinky sex. Not once since that day had she regretted her decision to submit to Cesar.

But now, this confident, dominant man was standing in front of her oozing moisture, staring with piercing eyes as if she was a dart board with a bullseye.

In her bound state, all she could do was wait. She was not in control.

I have my safeword, she chanted silently in her head, knowing there wasn’t going to be a reason to use it. Not once had Cesar ever pushed her further than she was able to handle.

Although he pushed plenty, she thought now with a small smile on her face.

Will tonight be another experiment of pushing boundaries?

Samantha stopped struggling in her bonds. Resigned, she allowed herself to relax and submit to Cesar’s will.

To be continued…part 2

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  1. Cassandra, wonderfully written and realistic and progressively sensual. I like where this is going and I look forward to the continuation. Much love. ❀

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