Sleepless (part 2)

This story makes better sense if you read part 1 first. Previous consent was given to all activities described in this post.


Samantha laid on the bed, arms tied above her head and ankles tied apart, wondering what will happen to her next. Cesar was a man of few words, she knew, and asking him questions while he’s concentrating on bondage was futile. It would only frustrate him.

All her fidgeting earlier must have interrupted his rest, she realized. When he had left the room she thought he went to sleep someplace else, given how active her movements were, but she was wrong. He came back with rope, and tied her up just as she was drifting off to sleep.

Samantha watched him observe and inspect her splayed-open legs and she slowly let her inhibitions, and shyness, fall away.

Nothing here he hasn’t seen before, she reminded herself. She felt a bit like prey, which conflicted with her apparent arousal. Her eyes shifted from his face to her breasts; her nipples still stood tall and erect like little towers.

Will he clamp my nipples, she agonized for a moment before she caught herself. Worrying about what could happen when she was bound and helpless was futile. “Submit to the bonds,” he used to console her when she became agitated and fearful. “You can trust me, I will not let anything happen to you that you can’t handle.”

Samantha recalled how tenderly he spoke to her and focused her mind back into the present tense.

Submit to the bonds, she now recited silently, calming herself in the process. She breathed in slowly, exhaled the same way, and submitted to her predicament. After all, she had learned to like being tied up by this man.

When her breathing slowed and her muscles relax, she noticed a change in Cesar’s position.

He was no longer standing at the foot of the bed, but kneeling. When did he lower himself into his knees?

Samantha lifted her head once more and saw how he arranged his body with his face angled just inches from her junction.

He’s breathing me in, she thought, noticing a twinge of embarrassment. And yet, it was this exact sentiment, her embarrassment, which seemed to increase her arousal.

Samantha focused on the head between her legs and emptied her mind from worry. She inadvertently clenched her nether lips and simultaneously stifled a moan in the process. The slow-building intimacy between her pulsing pussy and his tongue made her squirm and twitch with anticipation.

Still not making eye-contact with Samantha, Cesar placed his hands at her hips and planted a kiss into that concave spot where her thigh met her outer lips. Then, he began to lick the inside of her left thigh, stopping short of touching her labia. His tongue then traveled upwards, around the smooth, soft curve of her cunt, and down the other side. Carefully avoiding her labia, he nuzzled and licked his way down, and up, each thigh, always bypassing the one spot Samantha really wanted him to taste.

Samantha’s heart rate elevated and she could hear, and feel her laboured breathing.

Cesar paid her no mind. He focused on his task, seemingly enjoying the noises coming from the struggling woman, taking his time.

He licked and nuzzled his way around Samantha’s landscape three times, each time inching a little closer to the source of her moisture but never quite penetrating her entrance.

Samantha wiggled and shuddered, allowing this skilled and talented man to take her to heights only he knew how. It took all of her power to keep from yelling instructions out at him.

Lick there! she wanted to shout. Harder! More to the left! Down…Deeper! Enter me!

But she didn’t. She had learned the hard way that interfering with his plan only delayed, or completely eliminated, any sort of climax for her. Cesar was not a man who desired to be rushed. He took his time and played his game on his terms. Only his. Always.

Samantha pressed her lips together and kept her eyes closed as he licked and kissed her nether region, avoiding her clit completely. While bound, she was unable to thrash around and make a scene the way he sometimes encouraged her to.

But not tonight, Samantha thought. Tonight, he wants me bound and still, not thrashing and making a mess of the bedding.

Not sure whether he would allow her an orgasm, and unable to do anything about it, Samantha finally submitted to his tongue completely. She had no other choice.

After what seemed like an eternity, Samantha realized the mattress below her ass must be getting soaked. Cesar made a meal of her, increasing his teasing and finally dipping his tongue deeper into her folds. She dripped and drizzled and emitted noises which began as low grunts and ended in hyperventilated shrieks.

No inhibitions, she reminded herself when she began to feel embarrassed at her vocals. He will deny me if I shut down…

Denial was something she was vaguely familiar with, Cesar having introduced her to edging a while ago. She realized it was a wicked plan to keep her arousal acute and constant. She both longed for, and abhorred this inherent torture he inflicted on her.

But she also knew he insisted she live in the present. “Let go and just feel,” he told her one time as he fingered her to near oblivion, pulling out just before she exploded. He made her wait, then beg, before gifting her the desired climax.

Samantha knew that predicting another edging session tonight would be frowned upon. She had no way of knowing what Cesar had planned; she was bound and aroused and her only job was to submit.

And so she did.

Cesar meanwhile continued his torment, increasing speed and pressure alternated by leisurely licking and sucking. He expertly flicked her clit just enough times to bring her so close, yet stopped short of orgasm simply to prolong the experience.

Damn his tongue, Samantha thought while wigging her arms and legs as best as she could. She longed for release just so she could relax her tense muscles. All that laboured breathing she was doing was giving her abs quite the workout.

To be continued…

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