Carnal distractions

“What are you doing,” she asks him over the phone.

“Dreaming,” he responds.

“About what?”


She ponders his answer, so short and candid. Truthful.

He never lies. It goes against his religion.

“And me,” he blurts out into the silence.

She smiles at herself. She enjoys being a distraction for him.

She considers her next question carefully.

“What are we doing?” she inquires with feigned innocence. This is foreplay, she reminds herself.


He states it like a fact. A truth that isn’t, but will be.

His answer doesn’t surprise her. Not even the word he chose, with its raw, carnal implications.


She pesters him, demanding answers. Descriptions.


“Behind,” he answers her. “Doggy style.”

It’s now his turn to wait for a response. He listens to the silence, waiting for the intake of air, the inevitable increase in the speed of her breathing.

But she makes him wait. He’s not finished. She knows he wants to explain. Knows he needs to.

“Your hair in my hand, pulling your head up,” he continues. “Your back arched. My cock inside you. And my other hand on your clit.”

He hesitates for a moment, wondering if he shocked her. He strains to listen to the silence in his phone. And then, he hears it. The sound he waited for. The intake of air. The increased rate of her breathing.

He can hear her arousal.

“How do you feel,” he asks her after a while.

She doesn’t answer. But he’s patient. He knows she’ll respond.

“Tell me,” he nudges her.

“Okay,” she begins. “I thought…”

She trails off, afraid to say the words. Apprehensive. Simultaneously knowing he’ll pull it out of her anyway.

“Go on,” he urges her to continue. “Be honest.”

He softened his tone, to keep her talking.

He hears her take in a deep breath. Finally, she speaks.

“Missionary,” she tells him. “With eye contact. That’s how I see…”

She lets her vanilla thought trail off. He’ll either accept it, or not. It’s not her intention to puncture his fantasy.

She waits for him to reveal impatience.

It doesn’t come. She wonders if he’s a figment of her imagination.

Instead, he spells it out for her.

“This isn’t the first time,” he confesses. “This is much later.”

12 thoughts on “Carnal distractions

  1. I like missionary. We both like it Rex on a chair and me straddling him. We both love your stories!!! Rex reads them aloud to me. I watch his penis grow! lol

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I have a huge appreciation for vanilla sex and missionary position.
    The bread and butter of sex can be immensely satisfying. But I love variety and with someone I really trust and adore it’s exciting to spice things up…..although as I have learnt from reading other erotic content….I have a spice limit!

    Liked by 1 person

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