Bound and edged

Premise: Liz had always fantasized about being shared, as long as Jack was present and supervising that her boundaries were respected.

* * *

“You may eat her out now,” she heard Jack say to his friend Rod.

Liz opened her eyes and looked at the two men standing in front of her.

She was completely nude and shackled to a tall bar stool which was secured against the wall behind her. Her arms were suspended above her head, tied at the wrists with rope which was looped through a hook screwed into a wooden beam in the ceiling. Her legs were tied to the bar stool at the ankles and knees, leaving her spread open and accessible.

She felt completely immobilized and very vulnerable.

Liz stared at Jack but didn’t say anything. She couldn’t speak right now, she was panting too hard, trying to catch her breath.

Just moments ago, Jack was toying with her, touching and licking. Occasionally, he changed position in order to give all of her feminine parts some attention. But mostly, he kept his tongue on her pussy.

No wonder I’m out of breath, Liz thought. He’s very attentive.

She longed for release. But Jack had other plans. She watched him step away from her body periodically to admire her agony. He seemed proud, almost smug at the sight of Liz twisting and writhing in her bounds.

Every once in a while, she noticed Rod’s silhouette in the back corner of the room. He was busy stroking himself while he watched Jack lick and suck, that much she could tell. She knew he was patiently waiting for his turn.

She could feel her pussy leaking all over the soft leather of her bar stool at the memory of being watched.

Liz bit her lip and stared at Jack, who met her look and nodded slightly.

“You still good?” he asked her quietly.

Liz exhaled, then nodded. Yes, she was still good.

Being tied up like this didn’t make her feel uncomfortable, exactly. But she wasn’t comfortable, either.

It was difficult to sort out her feelings right now. She was too distracted at her lack of climax.

She had been so close. Why did he stop?

It was a rhetorical question. Liz knew why. She had asked for this, fantasized about it. She was curious, and wanted to know what it felt like to be edged and denied for a while.

She tried to sort her emotions: was she embarrassed, or humiliated? She couldn’t tell which of the two emotions was worse.

It was the worse one she was feeling at the moment, which was also the desired one.

Liz hung in her bounds and waited for the men to do something. She was not in control; it was out of her hands.

She had consented to this before. To being bound, and teased, in front of an audience.

I have my safe word, she reminded herself and tried to relax. I trust him. He loves me…

Liz felt herself come down from her last edge. Impatiently, she wiggled her ass around the dewy moisture covering the seat of her stool.

Jack stepped forward again and kissed her mouth. She could taste herself on him, and eagerly opened her mouth to invite him in. His hands wandered along her her body, slick with perspiration, lightly touching her nipples, caressing her skin and gliding further down until his fingers found her folds.

She was slippery and wet. And very eager. Wanton with need.

Liz kept opening and closing her eyes. There was just so much stimulation coming at her from every direction, targeting all of her senses at the same time…did Jack understand this intuitively? Is this why he had requested she be blindfolded for this scene?

“I don’t know,” she had answered his question. “I think I want to see what happens.”

With some trepidation, he had allowed her wish to keep the blindfold off this time. Later, when he proposed for Rod to be present as an added stimulant, Liz had agreed in order to counter Jack’s disappointment about not using the blindfold on her.

“But I don’t want him to fuck me,” she told Jack. “No penetration.”

She didn’t want to fuck some random guy. She wanted some things to remain sacred between her and Jack.

Jack agreed, and promised he would protect her, respect her and keep her safe.

Liz wiggled her ass around the seat a little more, clenching her pussy lips with impatience. She watched the men exchange a look, and then saw Rod step forward and sink to his knees.

She closed her eyes nervously. She didn’t know Rod, he was a stranger to her. But she knew he was a long time friend of Jack’s and she trusted Jack.

She had to. She had no choice. She consented to giving up choice, and control, when they discussed this scene.

Glancing at Rod on his knees between her splayed open legs, she suddenly understood why Jack had wanted her blindfolded.

Not being able to see what would happen next would have added another dimension to her already heightened state of sensations. Would she have been able to tell them apart, the two men who were feasting on her?

But she had been a little afraid at the idea. Bound, and blind, she remembered thinking, it seems a lot for her first time…

Next time, I’ll allow it, she thought to herself now. Seeing Rod on his knees in front of her, inching his face closer to her pussy with intent and purpose, it unnerved and enticed her simultaneously.

She took a sharp breath in when she felt his tongue lick the inside of her thigh, in that hollow spot right at her junction.

She needed him to go slow but she wanted him to go fast.

Do it, she pleaded silently. Put your mouth on me…

But Rod had his own agenda. It almost felt like he was enjoying taking his time, delighting in torturing her just a little longer.

Liz kept her eyes closed. She knew he wouldn’t want to wait long. Men never do…not the good ones. The ones that knew how to please their women relished the sight and taste of wet pussy.

Right on cue, Rod commenced his task of eating her out with skill and appetite, setting waves of per-orgasmic bliss in motion through her immobilized and highly aroused body.

After a while, Liz heard Jack’s familiar voice re-assert his dominance.

“Bring her to the edge, then stop,” Jack directed his friend just as another wave begin rolling through her.

He’s going to let Rod watch him fuck me, Liz thought when she heard Jack speak, and she braced herself for yet another agonizing edge without release.

Just like in her dream.

14 thoughts on “Bound and edged

  1. Wow! Cassandra!!! I love your posts, and you always make foreplay and flirting so thrilling and tempestuous….now this post has crossed all restraints. I am exhausted in a good way. I will unashamedly admit, being eaten out is one of the best things about sex.

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