Cold pleasures

He approaches her from behind and cups her breasts. Trailing his fingers over her t-shirt, he seeks out her hardened nipples while pressing his bulge into her ass.

She gasps at the surprise.

“Your hands are freezing cold!” she exclaims. She can feel it through the material.

“I know,” he whispers into her neck. “I’m looking for a place to warm them up.”

She leans back into him while he kisses the nape of her neck.

Placing her warm hands on top of his cold ones, she moves them down her curves toward the junction between her legs.

She’s bare underneath her long t-shirt. She never wears panties to bed.

“Is this warm enough for you,” she says as she lets him explore between her thighs. His touch makes her shudder both with shock and pleasure. His hands really are quite cold.

He takes in a breath. She can feel his tongue leave a trail of saliva on her neck and shoulder.

“Hot,” he mutters into her hair.


She turns to face him, mindful of keeping his hand on her pussy. She feels him separate her slick, swollen lips with his still cold fingers. He slides them around her moisture, playing, pleasuring her. Then he slides one in, making her squirm.

She turns her head and searches for his mouth. They meet for a kiss.

He pushes his tongue into her mouth as he mimics his movements down below. Her clit is throbbing, and she yearns for more.

“Eat me,” she whispers as she feels his head travels down her body.

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