Seductive play

He presses himself against her back, wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

It startles her, his sudden touch.

A smile escapes her lips. She has yearned for his touch for so long.

Turning her head slightly, she leans into his face.

His lips brush against her cheek. They stand together, savoring, anticipating.

After a time, his hand begin to wander. She let him trace her collarbone, and her necklace.

“Pretty necklace,” he whispers into her ear, barely audible.

Her own hands begin stroking his forearms folded across her bust, seeking out his hands, playing with his fingers.

She can feel his muscles tighten, his body tensing, as she touches his skin.

Her hand ends on top of his, fingers laced, intertwined across her chest.

Slowly, he raises his hand toward her mouth. He wants to touch her there, feel the softness of her lips and the heat of her breath.

She fondles his hand, traces his fingers, brushes her lips against knuckles and palm.

Closing her eyes, she yearns to taste him. His fingers, his mouth, more.

Savoring her exploration, he lets her kiss and lick his hand.

She knows he longs for more.

After a while, his thumb searches out her mouth, tracing her lips with the tip of his fingers. Slowly, he opens her up.

Unwittingly, her tongue emerges again. Keeping her hand on his, she guides his thumb into her mouth and slides him in.

She can feel his body shift. He watches her, wills her to make eye contact. She allows his gaze to read her face.

Gently, her tongue circles around his thumb, licking him, coating him with saliva.

His eyes stare at her lips, soft and wet, teasing and playing.

The moisture in her mouth mimics the emanating dew in her loins.

She widens her eyes as he slides his thumb deeper into her mouth, gauging her reaction.

She stares at him, eyes open and wide, as she sucks him slowly, seductively.

When he pulls his thumb out of her mouth, it’s wet and slippery. Just the way she imagined.

He nods and licks his own lips.

“You’ll be fine,” he assures her as he spreads her moisture around her mouth.

Then, he releases her out of his embrace and pulls away.

She understands.

This was foreplay.

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