Inappropriate Lust

Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

The look on his face displays a mix of lust and confusion. I hesitate, then ask him about it.


Maybe my question isn’t eloquent or smart, but I know he gets it.

He stares at me silently from three feet away. Will he answer?

I lick, then bite my lips. I have all the time in the world.

He shifts his weight from one foot to the other. Finally, he meets my look and speaks.

“I want to feel something.”

I figured as much, but let him have his moment. After a pause, I push him to elaborate.

“What do you want to feel.”

I frame it like a statement, not a question.

He doesn’t hesitate.

“Your mouth around my cock.”

There it is. As if I didn’t know it already.

Immediately, my appetite wakes up from its dormant slumber. I never had him there, or anywhere, really, but now I want him in my mouth. I want to feel him stiffen and grow, awash in my desire and drool.

He notices the change in my demeanor and keeps going. If he knows one thing about me, it’s that words matter.

“I want to see those red lips around my cock, hungry and willing. Sucking and swallowing.”

He stares at me. He’s on a roll.

“Look up at me with those eyes when I fuck your mouth. Take it all in.”

He pauses, then adds another word for effect.


Smiling slightly, I begin to turn away before speaking.

“We can play if you want…”

I let it trail at the end. It’s not really an invitation. We both know what I want. I need more than just a romp, no matter how satisfying. I want him to feast on me, make me gush, flood his face… and then stay because he wants to.

The images in my head take hold. I feel awake, aroused. Closing my eyes I see myself on a table, on my back, dress bunched around my hips, legs spread wide, his face buried.

Or, maybe I’m naked and on my knees, clutching the wall as my dripping pussy hovers over his face… I can almost feel him pull me closer, down onto his tongue, ready to satiate his lust with my gushing and convulsions.

As suddenly as the images appear, they fade. Something’s holding me back from immersing myself further into my fantasy.

“Sex dulls the pain for a while, “ I say, aware of his eyes scanning my body.

“It’s temporary, not sustaining.”

His hands twitch ever so slightly. I know he can’t commit. Or won’t. Either way, I’m relieved if somewhat resigned. But I accept; I’m not there, either.

Not yet.

Nonetheless, the fantasy is delicious.


This story first appeared on my medium account. Once approved by the editor in chief, it will appear in the All Things Sex and Erotica publication, for which I am a writer.

Thank you for reading my story. I know I’ve been absent for a while; I’ve been occupied by other things but I look forward to publishing more erotica, and a sequel to my book The Man from the South, in 2022.

Look for more erotica shorts in the future.

This blog is returning to its free status as I will be publishing more on other venues.

10 thoughts on “Inappropriate Lust

  1. Ooo I liked the suspense and the restraint when the feeling wasn’t quite right. I was not wise enough in my youth to heed such warnings.
    Then again that’s part of how I got to where I am today.

    Liked by 1 person

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