Sexless with a puppy

Just as she was sexually re-awakening, they wanted to get a puppy.

“No,” she said. “I know what will happen. It will end up in bed with us.”

“Doesn’t have to be that way,” he responded, and agreed to invest in a crate and dog beds.

She anxiously awaited the transformation of her family. Will they obey the no animals on the furniture rule? No animals on — in — human beds?

Fast forward to the puppy’s graduation of his crate. Two dog beds were strategically placed around the house, neither of which interested dog. He preferred to snuggle on couches and fauteuils, and looked forward to evening snuggles with his humans on their beds. At lights-out, he happily rolled himself into sleep at the foot of the marriage bed.

“You don’t love to snuggle with him,” the kids incorrectly accused their mom when she tried to coax the dog out of the bedroom and onto a dog bed. She didn’t bother explaining her position.

“He outgrew the crate,” the husband said to his wife, allowing the dog the privilege of sleeping on the side of his outstretched legs.

The wife sighed audibly. The dog always managed to sneak in between them, inching upwards with every passing hour of the night.

“I can’t sleep when he lies between us, I can’t move the blanket or my legs,” she complained to him in vain. “And when I get up to pee, he always steals my spot.”

The husband thought it was endearing.

“And what happens when I want some attention? I mean, I sleep naked…” she tried again, knowing it was pointless. The dog had already staked his claim between them.

The husband considered his options. It was his wish to keep everyone happy. Having the fur baby sleep on the bed was, in his mind, not a big deal. Besides, there hadn’t been much sex recently, he reasoned…

But she was consumed by her emerging sexuality. She longed to reclaim and explore her erotic side. She wanted to play, experiment, learn and finally feel something. She had this all-consuming dirty, kinky mind and no outlet…

The husband tried to indulge her when she was in the mood. He didn’t consider the dog to be a major obstacle, but rather just a simple dilemma for which he had a plan. It involved physically removing the dog into the hallway and firmly closing the door.

Does he remember how that worked when the toddlers came in, she thought to herself but refrained from commenting. A dog is not a child…

Watching him take the dog out and leaving him behind the gate, then returning to her with a mix of hope and trepidation, she felt her arousal dry up. Still, she gave him a chance to salvage the situation. Unfortunately, there were periodic interruptions where he went to reassure the now whimpering and scratching dog in the hall.

Subsequent attempts to recapture the mood would inevitably fail as well. Simultaneously, they both shared a nagging worry; pissed-off teenagers might barge in to complain about the dog keeping them awake with his crying.

Mood killer, she thought and gave up. She would have to find another way satisfy her sexual curiosity.

She realized he was still interested in her sexually. Men always make time for sex, she knew instinctively.

His loving attention to the dog didn’t affect her self-esteem, but it affected her nonetheless. Her dreams to immerse herself into extended foreplay and lovemaking was drowned out by the howling of the seemingly neglected dog in the hall.

It’s futile, she concluded. His concern for the dog outweighed his desire to focus on her wanton needs. After all the years of child-rearing, she figured their time might return now that the kids were older.

But then they got a puppy.

“Just let him back in,” she finally told the husband and pulled the duvet further up.

The dog returned and claimed his spot between their legs.


Cross-posted on Medium.

5 thoughts on “Sexless with a puppy

  1. These days, the only companions in my bed are two orange cats. We had them back when she was still alive. They somehow instinctively knew when she and I wanted to be left alone. We didn’t even have to lock them out. Our cats would have never whimpered or scratched at the door. Do any cats do that?

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    1. When I started seeing a boyfriend seriously in my youth (mid 20s) and he started sleeping over seni-regularly my cat peed on the bed the day after he left. Every single time. 🤷‍♀️

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