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The latest story involves two friends, Sergio and Dillon, who invite Cassandra into an erotic adventure of titillating explorations, heavy foreplay, playful smudging of lines in the name of power play and… well, you’ll just have to read it for yourself to see.

As is true of my erotica-writing nature, the story is pregnant with tension building and a lot of foreplay, and character and plot development. It has been said by one of my fans that I “bring the characters to life” with “detailed descriptions of the protagonist’s feelings, introspection, fears, desires and needs” and with “whom the reader can actually relate and toward which the reader can have sincere empathy.” (if I may be so bold and quote Manfred Knight’s flattering review of my book The Man from the South). (Thank you for taking the time to review me publicly, I very much appreciate it as you can see years later.)

In my newest story Elite connection of a different kind I’m up to Chapter 6… and Chapter 7 is well under way.

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Cassandra Lincoln

I took the liberty of sharing some teasers from each chapter for you here:

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The following are short excerpts from each chapter.

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Chapter 2 Invitation

“Hi Sergio,” I said as I motioned for him to sit down. “Actually, I’ve already reached my limit,” I continued, nodding my head inconspicuously toward the party girls down the bar.

He nodded and smiled at me while rolling his eyes.

“I understand,” he said. “When I’m done here,” he said as he lifted his beer to show me, “we’re heading out.”

He stared at me for a moment, his eyes scanning my hair which must have resembled a lion’s mane that night. I credited the unruliness on my head to the persistent moisture in the air outside. November weather had a rebellious effect on my hair.


“Where to?” I asked him next just to say something. I wasn’t really my business to ask him about his social life. He approached me, I reminded myself. Clearly, he wanted to chat. Asking questions will keep people talking.

“Not sure,” Sergio responded. “Maybe a coffee shop. You feel like joining us?”

I blinked at him. What did he say? Did he just invite me to go somewhere with him and Dillon?

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Chapter 3 Decisions

We left the bar not long after Sergio propositioned me. I suspected the coffee shop idea wasn’t going to come to fruition all along although I didn’t expect them to suggest a night club, either. Not that night.

I wondered whether they were the type to seek out night clubs to pick up women who will fuck their brains out. It didn’t seem plausible to me. I mean, if they did want that, they wouldn’t have suggested I tag along…

Did they?


“Live in the moment,” I told my reflection in the rear-view mirror.

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Chapter 4 Presumptions

Dillon had turned on some low lighting which gave the living room an unexpected romantic ambiance. He and Sergio were seated in two leather chairs opposite one another when I returned. I glanced at them and wondered again what they were up to. This entire evening seemed to have a fortuitously amorous vibe to it.


“We’re attracted to you,” he said. His voice was so quiet I almost didn’t hear him. He must have noticed me leaning toward him a little.


“So, are we going to have sex?” I blurted out next, purposely leaving out any descriptive words trailing that sentence, words like now, or at the same time.

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Chapter 5 Disclosure

“Are you expecting to have sex with me at the same time, or is one of you going to watch?”

Sergio leaned forward and clasped his hands together. With a piercing look into my eyes, he began to tell a riveting tale of experiences meshed with fantasy he must have been cooking up for some time.

“Neither of us is homosexual, or even bisexual,” Sergio said with a nod toward Dillon. I looked at Dillon and he cracked a small smile before taking another sip of his drink.


The whole time Sergio provided us with his full disclosure, Dillon sat quietly in his chair watching us both. His facial expressions didn’t change, but there was something going on with his eyes. What was that look he kept so closely guarded?

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Chapter 6 Seduction

The idea of having two men please me sexually began to grow on me. But I worried about my side of the performance. I wasn’t exactly experienced with kinky sex, but I was aware how men fantasized about spit roasting someone. Or was I jumping the gun? Maybe they weren’t planning to seduce me together but rather have one of them watch…

I wondered whether I could submit myself into such a provocative situation.


“Let the games begin,” I heard Sergio say under his breath as he motioned to get up. I put my hand up into a stop sign to keep him where he was.

“Remember,” I whispered in a low, husky voice I knew I was capable of speaking when needed. “Don’t move.”

Sergio smiled, but there was a little twitch evident at the corners of his mouth.

Oh my, I thought. Someone really prefers to be the alpha…

Clearly, he hadn’t expected to be told what to do by the only woman in the room. In fact, my take-charge position surprised me as well; I had never commanded the dominant position in the bedroom before. I was happily submissive with the men who wanted to fuck me, although that didn’t always result in the desired fulfillment I usually envisioned.

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Elite connection (5)

Excerpt from Chapter 5 – Disclosure

“I have some questions, if you don’t mind,” I said next. “Is it okay if I ask some things?”

Sergio smiled at me before he replied.

“Look, Cassandra,” he started. “We didn’t plan this, exactly, although it became clear to us that we both have some interest in exploring things with you. But,” he interrupted himself. “Dillon is hesitant, which I understand.”

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Elite connection (4)

Excerpt from Chapter 4 – Presumptions

I wasn’t used to this type of overt sexual attentiveness, at least not by two men simultaneously. To calm myself I touched my hair, carefully ignoring my drink on the table in front of me so they wouldn’t see me shake and tremble. 

Nerves, I thought, or maybe anticipation…

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Elite connection (3)

Excerpt from Chapter 3 – Decisions

Dillon held the door open for Sergio and me, and when we exited the establishment, we stood near the edge of the curb and looked at each other.

“Where to?” Sergio said, once again glancing at his friend with that same cryptic look I caught earlier and didn’t understand.

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Elite connection (2)

Excerpt from Chapter 2 – Invitation

Suddenly, a change in the air alerted me to a presence directly behind me. I could smell a very light scent of aftershave. I turned, and there was Sergio, standing adjacent to my bar stool with his half-full beer glass in hand, looking at me.

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Elite connection of a different kind (1)

Cassandra elevates a platonic friendship into an erotic adventure with two friends.

In the first chapter, Cassandra observes some curious behaviour at a neighbourhood bar.

Chapter 1 Aloof

The moment I stepped into the bar I felt a provocative aura penetrate the entire room. I understood immediately; something titillating was going to unfold.

That is, if I had the courage to stay.

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