Erotic story collection on Amazon

I posted my collection of erotic stories (not erotica) on Amazon kindle, published under my real name.

Stories about virtual infidelity, dorm sex and the friend zone, it all boils down to the murky undercurrents of love and sex.

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There is a short excerpt of one of the stories available in a slide-show on my main TikTok account.

PS I have a lot of catching up to do on everyone’s stories… Looking forward to reading and commenting.

Rope Play

Image by Shibari Kinbaku at Pixabay

With my hands tied behind my back, my main concern was my hair. He desired it untied so it would frame my face in wavy locks, loosely hanging past my shoulders.

I liked that look on myself, but I had a small concern. If I moved my head, would my hair end up in my face? I disliked hair sticking to me when I was hot and sweaty.

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Lovemaking and anal sex

Slight detour from erotica writing – I wrote a multi-part series on my main blog which addresses midlife heterosexual men looking for LTR with a female partner. I spoke with one man who gave me permission to use his quote. The following is an edited version of the original about the practice of anal sex.

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