The Man from the South re-released on Amazon for Kindle

My first book The Man from the South is no longer available on Smashwords. I have enrolled the book at Amazon.

Found under fiction/erotica 18+

Available on Kindle

Leah embarks on an erotic journey into the virtual side of kink. She meets the Man from the South who becomes her online mentor and awakens her sexual appetite. Leah quickly falls under his spell and together, they explore the darker side of her desires; virtually at first, and eventually in the flesh. Leah agrees to meet her new Dom in person on one condition:

There can be no touch.



Thank you for your interest in my erotica, and for taking the time to leave a review.

This is the review I imported from Smashwords:

It is highly enjoyable to read erotica written by an author that can actually write. Cassandra Lincoln brings her character, Leah, to life with her detailed descriptions of the protagonist’s feelings, introspection, fears, desires and needs, thus developing a character in The Man From The South to whom the reader can actually relate and toward which the reader can have sincere empathy.

Because of its very nature, erotica is the one genre of fiction that should lend itself most easily to producing the utmost honesty in writing with no holds barred. Too much erotica produced today (at least the stuff that I’ve been reading lately) consists of an alluring cover but once inside, the reader is subjected to endless boring descriptions of repetitive sexual actions from front cover to back, and characters that have neither a personality nor a soul, punctuated by droll and laughable metaphors for each gender’s sex organs, all of which are anything but arousing.

In The Man From The South, the character development of the protagonist is thorough, constant, convincing and true to life. Only an author who poured her own heart and soul (and perhaps experience, if only in fantasy) into a story can write with such genuineness. The result is that a connection is formed between author and reader.

Not to be overlooked, the air of mystery that permeates the entire story is the unknown factor of the other main character, the man from the south, who the protagonist knows only cursorily. The reader is left wondering about this character’s nature, his motivations and his own proclivities. Is he for real? Is he dangerous? Where is all this eventually leading?

With all these plaudits, you might wonder why I’ve only given this novel 4 stars. For the writing as a stand-alone, I would give 5 stars. However, the fact is, BDSM is not my particular predilection. If it were, and if I found BDSM personally arousing, I might have given the story 5 stars. So, it’s just a matter of personal taste. All the praise is for the writing itself, as I enjoy well-written erotica.

~Manfred Knight