Abstract dreaming

She saw him sitting there on the bar stool at the counter, his long legs stretched out in front of him. He was looking at a screen in his hand. He didn’t see her looking at him.

He looks like his selfie, the one from vacation, she thought to herself. Relaxed, not tired and stressed. Happy, even.

When he looked up, he saw her watching him. Slowly his eyes moved along her body, absorbing her curves.

Is he remembering the selfies she sent him while he’s letting his eyes wander? The ones he requested sometimes? The erotic ones? Continue reading “Abstract dreaming”


Music lovers story – from the beginning

This is a romantic, erotic story of how Samantha, a single mom, met Adam, a famous celebrity.

Adult content.

Music lovers – The Crash (part 1)
Music lovers – Delicious Dreams (part 2)
Music lovers – Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone (part 3)
Music lovers – Concert Tickets (part 4)
Music lovers – Nightcap (part 5)
Music lovers – Hesitation (part 6)
Music lovers – Hot Tub (part 7)
Music lovers – Foreplay (part 8)
Music lovers – Morning Bliss (part 9)
Music lovers – Reminiscing (part 10)
Music lovers – Interruption (part 11)
Music lovers – Date Night (part 12)
Music lovers – Fake Friends (part 13)
Part 14
Part 15

To be continued…

Stranger in the park

He was walking a chocolate lab in the same park as her. Wearing shorts despite the drizzle. The lab was pulling him toward the edge of a small wood.

She was walking her white mutt along the path, away from him in the opposite direction, toward the pebble beach.

The two dogs interrupted their sniffing every once in a while to check each other out from afar.

Dogs are not afraid to get to know one another, she thought to herself. They are curious and perfectly comfortable letting the other dog know they are interested in meeting them.

She wondered why some people weren’t like that.

She wasn’t like that. Continue reading “Stranger in the park”

A little about me: processing hindsight, writing and blogging

Here is a little about me and what this blog is about.

Writing is cathartic.

They say to write from the heart. To write truth. To write honestly and without fear or holding back. To dig deep and let the words flow out.

This has been mentioned to me across the years but I found I have never quite managed to get myself to that point. I kept making excuses about how uncomfortable it was for me to rehash unpleasant events I had gone through. Why would I want to write about those? Continue reading “A little about me: processing hindsight, writing and blogging”

Doomed from the start – part 2

Doomed from the start – part 1

He pleaded with her to go to this wedding. She didn’t want to. She didn’t know anyone, not his friends, not their dates or wives. No one from their work environment was going to be there. Continue reading “Doomed from the start – part 2”

Demeaning dorm sex

Adult content.

The knock on her dorm room door was loud and pronounced. She didn’t recognize it…her girlfriends usually knocked quieter, more demurely. As if they expected to interrupt her studies. Or something else.

She opened the door and saw Tom standing there. Tom from first year, who lived in the adjacent hallway down from her room. They were both sophomores now, and he, like her, was still staying in the dorm despite many of their friends having moved off campus.

“You gonna let me in?” he demanded in a deep, raspy voice. Continue reading “Demeaning dorm sex”

Music lovers – Awkward Moments (part 14)

Creative, sexy, romantic short story in sequence: Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 6 * Part 7Part 8 * Part 9 * Part 10 * Part 11 * Part 12 * Part 13

During those days after she finally found out that Debbie and Richard were involved, she remembered thinking how odd it was that he let himself get hooked up with her.

While he carried on with me, Samantha remembered, shaking her head slightly.

Why didn’t either one tell her they were involved? It’s like they wanted her to be humiliated in public. Continue reading “Music lovers – Awkward Moments (part 14)”

Music lovers – Fake Friends (part 13)

Creative, sexy, romantic short story in sequence: Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 6 * Part 7Part 8 * Part 9 * Part 10 * Part 11 * Part 12

Samantha felt a little unnerved. She tried to wave off the feeling of being watched, telling herself that everyone in the room was looking at everyone else. She knew celebrities, as well as journalists who covered celebrities, were constantly being scrutinized about every aspect: the type of clothing one wears, the way they style their hair, and all the rest of it.

None of it matters, Samantha told herself and tried to disregard the uncomfortable feeling. She knew that most people in this industry are superficial and none of it is real.

But she still couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was staring at her.

Suddenly a woman stood in front of her and addressed her directly. Continue reading “Music lovers – Fake Friends (part 13)”

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