A little about me: processing hindsight, writing and blogging

Here is a little about me and what this blog is about.

Writing is cathartic.

They say to write from the heart. To write truth. To write honestly and without fear or holding back. To dig deep and let the words flow out.

This has been mentioned to me across the years but I found I have never quite managed to get myself to that point. I kept making excuses about how uncomfortable it was for me to rehash unpleasant events I had gone through. Why would I want to write about those? Continue reading “A little about me: processing hindsight, writing and blogging”

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Demeaning dorm sex

Adult content.

The knock on her dorm room door was loud and pronounced. She didn’t recognize it…her girlfriends usually knocked quieter, more demurely. As if they expected to interrupt her studies. Or something else.

She opened the door and saw Tom standing there. Tom from first year, who lived in the adjacent hallway down from her room. They were both sophomores now, and he, like her, was still staying in the dorm despite many of their friends having moved off campus.

“You gonna let me in?” he demanded in a deep, raspy voice. Continue reading “Demeaning dorm sex”

Music lovers – Reminiscing (part 10)


Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 6 * Part 7Part 8 * Part 9

Samantha dreaded the work week ahead of her after the weekend she had with Adam. Unsurprisingly, her thoughts kept returning to their night together. He made such an impact on her, it was hard to focus or concentrate on anything else.

How did they get up to his suite after that erotic make-out session in the hot tub, she wondered. She didn’t even remember getting re-dressed… Continue reading “Music lovers – Reminiscing (part 10)”

Inspired while writing steamy romance

Setting the mood to keep writing my Music Lovers story series, these songs popped up and fed my inspiration.

If you don’t know about Tina Turner, it’s worth googling her. She is such an incredible inspiration (to me) about many things. I listen to the lyrics of her songs and feel every emotion related to pretty much all the topics I touch on in this blog: love, adoration, respect, passion, desire and all the rest of it. Continue reading “Inspired while writing steamy romance”

Music lovers – Morning Bliss (part 9)

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 6 * Part 7Part 8

Adult content.

Samantha woke up wrapped in a sheet and surrounded by big, fluffy pillows. She blinked a few times and noticed she wasn’t in her own bedroom. The light was different…usually, the curtains in her room let in flickers of morning light. This room however had more light than she was accustomed to. More sunlight flooded the room, it seemed.

Samantha raised her head slightly and blinked the sleep out of her eyes. Where was she? She was obviously not at home.

Turning her body over she looked at the empty space beside her in the enormous bed.

Ah yes, Adam. They ended up here together, last night after the prolonged make-out session in the hot tub.

Samantha sank back into her pillows and wrapped herself tighter into her sheet. The duvet seemed to have been kicked to the foot of this gigantic bed, but she was too lazy to reach for it. Since she wasn’t cold, she didn’t care.

Reaching her hands under the sheet she touched herself. Her body was warm, and naked. Continue reading “Music lovers – Morning Bliss (part 9)”

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